Timber Town Gets a Planning Boost from APA’s Oregon Chapter

DCIM100MEDIAYUN00034.jpgWillamina City aerial view, March 4, 2017*

2017-03-04-willamina-high-school-composite-smWillamina High School composite aerial, March 4, 2017*

DCIM100MEDIAYUN00005.jpgWillamina City Hall and park, March 4, 2017*

2017-03-04-bob-sivickWillamina Visioning Workshop group, March 4, 2017

2017-03-04-galloping-goose-groupWillamina Visioning group at the Galloping Goose 1923 motor railbus, March 4, 2017

 2017-03-03-willamina-high-school-student-interviews-smWillamina High School student interviews, March 3, 2017

*Aerial photography taken by Portland State University researchers with an unmanned aerial vehicle (Yuneec Typhoon H)

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